We automate your packaging business

Cloud based solutions for brand owners, retailers and packaging manufacturers

Digital integration of all participants, systems and machines enables continuous work processes from artwork to finished packaging


AixPano offers innovative solutions based on information technology and cloud-based automation to improve the efficiency of packaging development and production.

Accelerated time-to-market

More flexibility and shorter response times

Processing more and individualized jobs

Improving quality and minimize costs

Our Big Picture

AixPano’s cloud-based end-to-end services provide a complete and integrated solution to the new challenges facing the digital packaging industry. We orchestrate a packaging manufacturer’s resources and back-office IT systems to make data and information available in the cloud based on standardized processes. The Packaging Office enables the digital dialogue with brand manufacturers and retailers by providing all data and information on the respective packaging material or process.
Communication and data exchange with suppliers for the procurement of order-related materials and services takes place via the PC-suborder portal. The AixPano Automation Services accelerate the respective processes by generating artworks, diecut drawings, print data and the corresponding approval documents on demand. There is currently no more efficient solution available than AixPano’s digital end-to-end services for saving time, increasing flexibility and scaling processes for the development and production of printed packaging.


End-to-End Packaging Process Integration

Process Automation

Agile Software Adaption

Hi-Trust cloud hosting


Printconnect.com integration- and collaboration platform

Printconnect.com is a cloud based integration and collaboration platform service for the packaging supply chain. It allows companies to manage all technical and commercial order related processes digitally. Printconnect.com is a proven solution and is estabished in many companies.
Printconnect.com is a multi tenancy, highly scalable web application which uses open file formats and is hosted at a german datacenter on dedicated servers. It matches all relevant compliance requirements for security (SAS 70 Type IIb, PCI DSS, SOX) and is GMP compatible and pharma validated.

Printconnect.com platform Services

Private Cloud Platform Services for Corporate Collaboration and Integration
  • Hosting and administration of corporate printconnect.com accounts
  • Connecting everyone to anyone for collaborative work
  • Task based process-management
  • Central task- and job-management
  • Data- and information-management
  • Interfaces for system- and machine integration
System Setup and Integration Services
  • Analysis of existing processes in packaging development and production
  • Modelling of planned processes based on Reference-Process-Method
  • Configuration and adaption of printconnect.com base-software
  • Integration of existing systems and machines of the company, its customers and suppliers
  • Compilation of technical and commercial specifications and rules
  • Performance analysis and optimizations

AixPanoNow! Automation Services

AixPanoNow! Automation Services for technical design, artwork, prepress and manufacturing

The AixPanoNow! Automation Services extend the process management capabilities of printconnect.com and generate on-demand artworks, die-cuts, print files, print sheets, webs, and associated specification and approval documents without the need for graphic professionals and desktop graphics software tools.


Vision and Mission

We envision a world where the packaging value chain is fully digitalized in one seamless flow from artwork to final package.

Our mission is to be the innovative force that rethinks fully integrated, seamless solutions based on deep customer insight and with compelling user experiences.

Why Us

AixPano provides innovative solutions for improving packaging development and manufacturing efficiency and time-to-market through the use of information technology and cloud based automation.

We are experts in development and operation of technology based on the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. We are a team of packaging specialists and IT engineers passionate in creating disruptive ideas to improve the administration and manufacturing processes.

We support our customers – brand owners, retailers and packaging manufacturers – in all phases of the digital transformation: development of a company-specific strategy, concrete concepts and their practical implementation and operation.

We transform our customers needs to values.

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Accelerated time-to-market

On-demand generation of artworks and printfiles

AixPano cloud based services provide task based processes and 100% predefined technical and commercial specifications. Therefore, the administration process becomes very efficient: No loops and no questions are necessary to complete a Job. The timeline control with automated reminders prevent from waiting time. The on demand generation of artworks, printfiles and the corresponding approval documents with the cloud based AixPano Automation Services reduce the time for changes from weeks to minutes. In total it is possible to reduce the leadtime for a modified or a new package from weeks to a few days or even hours.

More flexibility and shorter response times

Availability of data and information

AixPano cloud based services make all information available at any time and provide a high degree of process control which means short response and reaction times. Each change is immediately visible to all process participants. All contents are automatically versioned and are always up to date. A search for data and information is not necessary. The collaboration between packaging manufacturers and brand owners and retailers is becoming much more interactive. This allows the customer’s needs to be better recognized and addressed.

Processing more and individualized jobs

Decrease of manual routine activities

AixPano cloud based services decrease the workload for manual routine activities. In the digital processes fewer people are involved. In many cases specifier and executer are the same person because technical processings are executed by the system. This increases the efficiency in job administration and technical preparation of production data. Even the generation of variable data for packaging individualizations can be processed in the cloud. In total, more jobs can be processed in less time. This also enables improved machine utilization.

Improving quality and minimize costs

Efficient pre-production process

The availability of all data and information at any time prevents from gaps and reduces process loops. Mistakes caused by communication errors and understanding problems will be decreased. An efficient pre-production process guarantees better production planning capabilities and a better machine utilization. A higher amount of customer approved jobs allows a planning more under technical and commercial than under delivery time considerations. This reduces costs for machine setup and logistics. More process control also reflects on the product quality – less mistakes and less complaints.

End-to-End Packaging Process Integration

Standardization and orchestration of packaging processes

Development, manufacturing and sales/purchasing of printed packaging proceeds in collaborative work across companies.
Digitalization changes the way business is done. An effective, digital overall process is like a good concert for which you need a well-rehearsed orchestra.
AixPano supports its clients in standardization and orchestration their packaging processes and integrates customers, suppliers, systems and machines.
Printconnect.com is the integration and collaboration platform for packaging processes developed by AixPano which delivers the standards for the technical and commercial processes and manages the interaction of the participants.

Process Automation

Replacement of routine manual activities

The people in the packaging process chain do a lot of repetitive routine work. This applies in the same way to clerks as technicians.
AixPano supports its clients to implement cloud based services to replace routine manual activities.
The AixPanoNow! cloud services are based on digitalized packaging knowledge and provide intelligent algorithms for artwork, technical design, prepress and packaging manufacturing processes. In this way the system is e.g. able to execute the generation of artworks, printfiles, process documents, calculations or reports on demand.
AixPanoNow! cloud services decreases the workload for manual routine activities and the number of people involved.

Agile Software Adaption

Cross-functional teams

Printconnect.com is a powerful collaboration and integration platform. But processes, interfaces and business logic have to be adapted to the respective customer requirements AixPano makes this adjustments in a agile working method. When working on a customer project, we build small and cross-functional teams in a flattened team structure. The team members communicate constantly with the customer. Agility with iterative processes characterized by short sprints allows us to test hypotheses and fuel development with data. For this AixPano has the focus on the people doing the work and how they work together

Hi-Trust cloud hosting

Highest security level

Nothing is more important to us than the security of your data. That’s why AixPano hosts the platform in a high-security data center network in Germany on dedicated servers (private cloud). The data center works on the highest security level, with maximal performance and optimal service on its own darkfibre ring between three buildings (triple redundancy). The Data center is certified with SAS 70 Type IIb SOX and matches PCI DSS and Bafin requirements.